PROFESSIONHAIR® Milano is a unique entity that collects, selects and presents to the market the trendiest, highest performing and most complete collection of professional hair care products.

Managed through a totally innovative approach by understanding the needs of the market first, PROFESSIONHAIR® Milano builds partnerships and supports growth opportunities. By working together with hairdressers and distributors we can identify the right road map to enable sales success across the international markets.

Founded through the experience of passionate beauty industry experts, creative visionaries, leading hairdressers and inspiring marketeers, PROFESSIONHAIR® Milano is located in the heart of Italy, Europe’s fashion capital. It offers a totally innovative approach in the haircare sector capturing the very essence of the amazing industry of hairdressing with a passion for style, an eye for fashion, and motivational creativity.

With a strong portfolio of selected haircare brands, including some of the world’s most famous, a collection of lifestyle brands that can capture specific target audiences, or contemporary tribes, in-line with the world of fashion, PROFESSIONHAIR® Milano allows hairdressers and distributors to choose the right brand for them, all supported with a full rounded business offering, covering knowledge and education.

It is a true business support program with a honest and caring arm around the client approach.

The PROFESSIONHAIR® Milano “Collection” is completed with a series of scientifically formulated technical products for the beauty and health of hair and to also optimize salon performance with technology never seen before.



Alongside our brands that are designed to capture the lifestyle of the individual, the PROFESSIONHAIR® Milano collection includes a selection of world class professional products scientifically formulated to deliver excellent results.
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