BIG® Professional is the high quality brand, designed for a target of customers who are looking for efficiency, innovation and larger size packaging to save on the wastes going into the environment. It’s name also comes from a special ingredient obtained from Baobab, the biggest tree in nature.

BIG® Professional is the new standard for the following reasons:

  • Ammonia Performance, YES, Ammonia Vapors NO! Reduces ammonia inhalation & irritation by up-to 90%.
  • Lifts and deposits protecting against chemical bond breakage or damage.
  • Thanks to the new technologies, grey hair is covered in as fast as 10/15 minutes.
  • Reduces bulk packaging waste by more than 75%.
  • Allows the colorist to create everything to satisfy the clients color needs while cutting inventory by up-to 80%.

Professional sized products for the best professional use.

A brand suggested for these life styles

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